The Journey of a Photoshoot Collaboration

The journey of a photoshoot is a thoughtful collaboration between a model and a photographer. This process, from the original ideation to the potential magazine submission, is multi-staged and rich in detail. Here’s a look at this exciting journey.

Stage One: Laying the Groundwork for the Shoot

  • Concept Development: Our first step is a brainstorming dialogue, where we meld our creative ideas to establish the core narrative elements like theme, mood, and location. These elements form the backbone of our photoshoot.
  • Wardrobe Selection: We’ll then consider the appropriate attire. Models can choose to wear their personal pieces or opt for garments from affiliated fashion designers. The Kisau Clothing Collection also offers a variety of wardrobe options that might align with our concept.
  • Hair and Makeup Preparation: Ideally arranged before the shoot, models often demonstrate proficiency in doing their own hair and makeup. However, for those seeking expert assistance, professional stylists can be recommended (California).
  • Posing Gallery: To help the model visualize the shoot, Kisau Photography can share with the model a gallery of poses that can inspire and align with our creative direction.
  • Shoot Scheduling: Once we’re in agreement on the concept and preparations, we’ll settle on a date and time.

Stage Two: The Symphony of the Shoot

  • Session Duration: Usually, a photoshoot session lasts approximately three hours. However, this length is adjustable depending on our collective needs. The duration will directly influence the number of outfit changes, scenes, and eventually, the number of retouched images.
  • Collaborative Team (California): Depending on the project, we may be joined by a stylist, a lighting assistant, or even a second photographer to ensure optimal image capturing.
  • Changing Tent (California): If required, Kisau Photography can provide a portable changing tent for outfit transitions, ensuring the model’s privacy and maintaining the rhythm of our session.
  • Guidance on Posing: During the shoot, we can offer help with posing as needed. Combining our experience and spontaneous creativity, we’ll work together to ensure authenticity in every frame.

Stage Three: Refining Our Shared Visual Narrative

  • Image Selection: After the shoot, the photographer will curate the images, eliminating any unflattering shots and sharing the remaining selections with the model. This active involvement in the selection process allows the model to pick their favorites.
  • Retouching: After finalizing the selection, I’ll proceed with image retouching and supply the images in various sizes to fulfill standard requirements for online and print use.

Stage Four: Our Artistic Journey’s Culmination

  • Image Sharing: Both photographer and model agree to share the retouched images on their chosen social media and modeling platforms, enhancing their portfolio.
  • Magazine Submission (optional): In the pursuit of a broader audience, Kisau Photographer can engage with a magazine consultant to evaluate the potential of our images for submission to trade magazines. If suitable, Kisau Photography will submit our work for consideration, aiming to have it reach an even wider audience.

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