At Kisau Photography, we find purpose by empowering people to be bolder and dream bigger every day.  Led by our award-winning photographer,  and bolstered by a gifted team of creatives, we focus on fashion and editorial photography and have been featured in numerous publications.

Fashion & Editorial Photography

Reveal your distinctive fashion sense by way of a fashion editorial photoshoot. Join forces with our experienced team to craft eye-catching visuals that display your singular taste and showcase your unique story.


Explore behind-the-scenes insights from photoshoots, delve into featured magazine publications, and gather practical tips for sharpening your photography skills, whether you stand in front of or behind the camera.

The Melbourne Portraits Project

Get a sneak peek at the upcoming book, “The Melbourne Portraits Project: A Photographic Ode,” a collection of over 100 photographs showcasing the vibrancy and diversity of Melbourne’s creative community.


We look forward to collaborating with models, designers, hair & makeup artists, and other creatives who are inspired by the same aesthetic sensibilities and seek to tell stories that celebrate life, reflect the world around us, and connect with people.

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