About Us

Paul Tocatlian


Hi, my name is Paul Tocatlian, and I find purpose by empowering people to be bolder and dream bigger every day. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, but it’s hard to pinpoint where my home is. My photographic journey spans five continents and takes a lighthearted walk through a universe of loosely interconnected fashion and editorial photoshoots. I am an award-winning, and published photographer thrilled to be drawing inspiration from the vibrant community of creative minds around me, sharing our journey, and seeking feedback along the way.

Wonder what inspires me? There is nothing that inspires me more than celebrating the beauty and capturing the essence of the person I am photographing. My personal criteria for a great portrait consists of an authentic portrayal capturing a moment in time with a tangible aesthetic and storytelling component that draws on the different emotions people experience.

Interested in collaborating? I look forward to collaborating with models, designers, hair & makeup artists, and other creatives who are inspired by the same aesthetic sensibilities and seek to tell stories that celebrate life, reflect the world around us and connect with people. Let’s do it! >>

Hannah Do


Hannah Do is a wardrobe stylist and curator of the Kisau Clothing Collection, who supports both the planning and on-site execution of photoshoots. She fulfills client and model requirements by selecting and coordinating clothing, jewelry, and footwear to create the desired aesthetic. Her collaboration with photographers, fashion designers, makeup artists, and hairstylists ensures cohesive and visually captivating results during each photoshoot, making her an invaluable contributor to the creative process. Follow Hannah on Instagram >>

Pia Gould

Magazine Consultant

Pia Gould holds the responsibility of reviewing and submitting carefully curated collections of photographs that seamlessly blend and form a unified visual story for magazine publication. In her role, she collaborates closely with photographers, writers, and magazine editors to make certain that the visual content is consistent with the magazine’s style, theme, and narrative objectives. Visit Pia’s Official Website >>

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