Introducing Kisau Photography

I fortuitously embarked on the next chapter of my photographic journey over the 2019 Thanksgiving holiday when I organised my first series of photoshoots in the streets of Saigon. I was beyond ecstatic when one of the photographs from the shoot with Van Nguyen was selected as the winning photo for the 500px Takeover: March Edition Quest. What I learned from this experience is that collaborating with a model on a photoshoot in an urban setting allows me to combine aspects of two photography styles that I enjoy the most: candid portraiture and street photography.

Since moving to Melbourne the following January, I’ve had the opportunity to team up with talented models and makeup artists on more photoshoots. As it turns out, Melbourne has a sizeable and active community of creatives that often collaborate on a trade for print basis. Fast forward thirty-some photoshoots in between coronavirus lockdowns, I can now better attempt to describe my photographic style: urban lifestyle portraits.

To acknowledge the newfound realisation of what makes me tick as a photographer and the support from my friends, family and other creatives, I launched a website, Kisau Photography, which unwittingly went live on World Photography Day. The website serves as an online presence for everything related by my journey as a photography enthusiast. It features some of my favourite photographs as well as links to my portfolio, social media, and booking calendar. I invite you to visit as I share my photographic journey and seek feedback to improve along the way.

The meaning behind

I obtained the domain name a few years ago and haven’t used it since then. There are only so many 5 letter dot com domains names… so I’ve been holding on to it for the right project and decided to use it here. Although not an acronym, I like to think that it stands for:

  • K for Kodak moment and capturing a moment otherwise gone.
  • I for Intensity and seizing the emotion of the person photographed.
  • S for Storytelling that will captivate people in one frame.
  • A for Authenticity and getting to the heart of who someone is.
  • U for Universal appeal that everyone can relate to and appreciate.

2020 Photoshoot Highlights

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