The Story of Little Red

The Story of Little Red is brought to you by Jay (writer), Ethel (Little Red), David (Wolfgang), and Paul (photos). It is inspired by the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale, despite the lack of fairies in either tale.

The Story of Little Red is about a guy, named Wolfgang, who is just nerdy and shy. And a girl, named Little Red, who looks inwards too much searching for meaning, while missing out on the world around her. But when she looks around, she discovers what she has been looking for all along.

Once upon a time, there was a man in black. Called Wolfgang. He saw Little Red in her riding hood. All alone. In an empty city, once full. With people. And their strange ways. 

He watched her, move, from side to side, with such careful and calculated steps, as if she knew he was there. It made him wonder, “Maybe I have a chance.”

So he hid. In the shadows. Behind a wall. Made from stone. And watched her. Move. In the light. From side to side. Like she knew, he knew, she was there. Wanting to be seen. Wanting to be followed. Into the light.

Little Red wandered. And wandered. And wandered some more. Through the empty veins of the city. Until finding her reflection. In a sun-lit lake. 

Bent over, looking into her bright brown eyes, she searches for answers. Deep inside. Hoping to find something. Anything. To make her know, where she has to go.

Wolfgang watched. Her. Like a lion. Eyeing a gazelle. Behind a tree. In deep thought. Waiting. For the right moment to strike.

After coming back from her search. For something. Little Red spots Wolfgang. In the corner of her eye. Standing awkwardly, watching her long black hair flow in the wind.

Before Wolfgang can make a move. To strike her heart. The girl in red strikes first. Asking him, why does he watch her form the shadows.

Wolfgang, uncomfortable and awkward in the light, doesn’t know what to say. Instead he blurts, gibberish, hoping to hide his nerves. Little Red asks and asks him questions, until he can find his words.

Eventually Wolfgang mumbles, “I saw, saw, saw… you drop your belongings. From out of your basket. I thought you might want… want them back?”

Little Red checks her basket, to find nothing. But an empty hole. She looks at Wolfgang, with her big brown eyes, and asks, “Why did you follow me like a creep?” 

Wolfgang goes red, his eyes fall to the floor, and out spurts, “Because, ermm, I don’t know how to talk to girls. I get shy.”

Little Red goes shy. Her fingers stroke her cheeks. Her lips, tremble. She says,  “I think I was looking in the wrong place for that something.” 

Wolfgang asks, “What do you mean?” 

Little Red replies, “I shouldn’t be looking inside. For that something. It was all around me, waiting to be found all along.”

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