Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Words?

Ask a photographer and they’ll tell you that a picture is worth a thousand words. They’ll tell you that a single image can convey its meaning more effectively than a mere verbal description.

Ask a writer and they’ll tell you that one word can change someone’s entire day. For the better. For the worse. They’ll tell you that images may fade while words let you see things that aren’t there.

Ask a photographer and a writer to collaborate and they’ll tell you to expect the unexpected as they create an augmented reality that captures the feelings of the moment. The seen and the unseen.

Photographers control the viewpoint. But so does the writer with carefully chosen words.

Sometimes photos can be dark. Other times, words will leave you feeling the darkness of the moment.

Writers use words to contrast emotions. Photographers use contrast to make an image more vivid or ethereal.

Desaturate an image background. Truncate a sentence. Remove the artefacts that detract from the essence of the story.

Photos are imperfect. And so are words.
But collaborating
with @JayTheAuthor
has helped me become a better photographer. See with a fresh perspective. Live a new day.

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